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“Suzy edited my first manuscript which went on to be published by Scholastic. Her grammar is impeccable and the suggestions she made to strengthen the manuscript were spot on. I learned a lot from her and my writing improved as a result. I recommend writers to have their work edited by Suzy before they self-publish or send it to agents. She helps take your writing to the next level.” –  Jodie Brownlee

“Thank you for your excellent work on editing the chapters of the State of the Shire Report.” –  Johnstone Shire Council Manager, Environmental Services.

“Just letting you know that I was successful in getting interviews for both of the positions that you helped me with.  The rest is now up to me.” –  NK

“You will be happy to know that I have a second interview this afternoon for that Elders Real Estate job. Two interviews in two days. They were really impressed with my resume so thank you very much.” –  JP

“Afternoon Suzy!  I GOT THE JOB!!  I had the interview on Saturday – 5 on the panel and I was totally gruelled for 50 minutes!!  Thank you for all your help!!!” –  AE

“I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. You have done such a wonderful job. You put so much effort into it, I thought it was awesome.” –  WJ

“Just to let you know how the work was received.  The person who I submitted it to said it was one of the best he had seen in over ten years he had been doing the program.” –  PE

“Thank you Suzy, you have done an amazing job.  I have never had any assistance with preparing a resume and can clearly see the difference having it prepared professionally.” –  DP

“I just sent the report off.  I looked through it before sending, it looks fantastic, the layout is extremely impressive, and word wise it is vastly better than what I sent you first.  So thank you again for your work, Suzy, it is really great to have your help.” –  NS

“Just to let you know how the work was received (Ergon).  The person who I submitted it to said it was one of the best he had seen in over ten years he had been going the program.  Thanks for your help and work that you put into it, and if I need other work done for the project I will certainly contact you.” –  PE

“Just a short note to let you know that I got in selection for interview with Emergency Services, thanks to you I wanted to share that with you (another success for your book).” –  PC

“Thanks so much, you have done such a wonderful job, I found it difficult to think of examples as you have covered absolutely everything.” –  (From Kmart to senior procurement Australian Armed Forces)  RG

“Hi Suzy.  Do you want the good news or the bad news?  The bad news is I don’t need your services any more.  The good news!  I have been offered and taken the job with Qld Health Outreach Pharmacy Assistant.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  As you know it has been quite a challenging time for me of late.  Your excellent help with my job seeking, CV and selection criteria, and knowing how my skills apply to other workforces has been outstanding.  I also have learnt quite a lot about the written word and subsequently how to prepare for interviews.   I have no doubt your business will prosper and continue to grow.  I will always recommend you and your services to anyone and will continue to do so.  I have enjoyed my time working with you.” –  LW

“Over the weekend I had two interviews at the Lakes and got the job. I start there in 3 weeks’ time.  Thank you very much for your help, I would not have done it without you.” –  TG

“Just letting you know I am one of 13 out of 163 applicants to get short listed for the customer service position with Cairns City Council.” –  JB

“Hi Suzy.  Thanks gain for the work you did.  I had an interview yesterday with ————- and they phoned today to offer me the job.  Yay!!  No more selection criteria – for a good while anyway.” –  BH

“You’ve been such a godsend, you’ll be the first to know if he gets an interview. I couldn’t have done it without you!!!!!!!!” –  S & A N

“I’ve been offered both positions, so now I have to decide which one I really want. Decisions, decisions, decisions. Thanks so much. I couldn’t have done it without you.” –  NK

“Just a quick note to let you know that I did get the job. I start on the 6th. Many many thanks. Oh I should also let you know, the place I applied also sent the selection criteria to my referees who also had to complete the question and I’ll add they said it was the hardest criteria they had seen. One of my referees was a uni professor, so that goes to show what a wonderful job you had done. Again, many thanks for getting me in the door.” –  LS

“Suzy, you have done the most amazing job on this. I am most impressed and David thought it was just great. Thank you so much. I would never ever think of going to anyone else… ” –  AF

“Thanks so much Suzy! You’ve done a splendid job! The reference letters were splendid too and I’ve sent them off to the relevant parties. I really appreciate your help.” –  AH

“Thank you so much Suzy, that is greatly appreciated. Are you able to please do up an application letter for me now?” –  SL

“The — ( Senior Government) job that closed last week – I have an interview next Tuesday. Quick hey!! They are interviewing 5.” –  RR

“The first job you helped me with was an AO4 Project Officer at ———— . I just thought I would let you know that I was phoned 10 days ago about an interview for this job. On Thurs afternoon they phoned and withdrew the job. They did tell me there were 27 applications and I was one of 4 to be interviewed and that my selection criteria were great.” –  RR

“I just wanted to let you know that I made it to the interview stage for the Centrelink position. Thanks to your efforts I was shortlisted so now it’s up to me!!” –  MN

“Just letting you know that I obtained an interview for the position of BSM – —– State School. Unfortunately I was unsuccessful but they indicated I came a close second. So thanks again. At least I know my application is now on track.” –  SR

“Thank you for everything, the way you put together my resume.  I knew that I had the information but the way you wrote it out made it so much better, and the price was very realistic.  As it turned out I got the job I was looking for.  I would recommend you to anyone that asks for a resume.  Thank you again.” –  DC

“Just to let you know that E got offered a temp job at Centrelink! So a big thanks to you for helping out here. Another accolade for you to decorate your office with.” – M&E T

“I am pleased to advise that I have been successful in obtaining the above mentioned position with Corrective Services in Cairns. Thank you for your assistance in preparing a professional resume and application, which I am sure contributed to this successful outcome.” –  MR

“Looks like I was successful, not official yet, but I got the nod? Thanks again for your help, no doubt I will need it again.” –  MN

“Thanks for the selection criteria creation. Just thought I’d let you know that I was given an interview and was given the position. Thanks again.” –  SR

“Thanks for emailing us our resumes. Just wanted to let you now that S got a job this afternoon. Must have been the great presentation of his resume. Now it’s my turn.” –   L&S M

“I had an interview at Loot but didn’t get the position but in the top couple of choices… but I have received a part time job at Adairs and I start next week. Thank you once again for your time and excellent job on my resume.” –  LG

“Suzy, I got the tuckshop job, I’m just ecstatic!!!! I had the interview today and they just rang to give me the good news. Thanks for all your help, I would never have got an interview without your help. The principal was very impressed with my resume!!!! Thanks again you’ve made one mum very happy.” –  JK

“Just a quick note to thank you once again for your assistance. The selection criteria worked – I got the position as Personal Assistant to the Executive Officer at ————–.” –  AB

“Just wanted to thank you again for helping with my resume and let you know that I’ve been offered work experience at —— —– solicitors. I’m due to start in February. I had some other firms in mind if they didn’t reply, but luckily I didn’t need to go there. Thanks again for doing my resume and covering letter. I am absolutely thrilled.” –  HU

“Hi Suzy. Just wanted to let you know I am now in my second week of working at Glenmead Village working with the aged and I love it.! Thanks so much for your help.” –  JH

“Hi Suzy. Just thought I would let you know that I sent my CV to a panel person who reviewed my application and he said the career statement was “excellent”. Thanks heaps. ” –  MH

“Just a quick note – R was accepted as a Graduate Electrical Engineer into Engineers Australia membership (Thank you Suzy for great work!)” –  NA (Migration Agent)

“Thank you for your assistance with my recent application to QLD Arts, the application was successful in gaining an interview. I appreciated all the help and can see that I was just not putting enough in my other applications and especially saying things that might highlight my skills and experiences. ” –  RH

“It must be hard writing not knowing someone, you have done a fantastic job thank you very much. I am in the process of writing another selection criteria so your help has been invaluable.” –  CN

“Just letting you know I got the job at the casino. Thanks for the great resume and all your support during this great time of change for me. I will most likely be dealing with you again in the near fuure and thanks once again for your willingness as always to support. If I hear of anyone in the future that needs your support I will refer them to you with no hesitation and inform them of your efficiency.” –  JW

“Well the good news we made it. My new CV did the job. O by the way, it’s WB you prepared a CV for me and then tried to undercharge me. Suzy I secured a position as the second officer on a Norwegian survey vessel.” –  WB

“Just thought I would let you know that I got the Medibank Private job I went for. I’m really stoked about it and looking forward to learning something new. Thanks again for doing my resume.” –  LR

“Suzy good news. E passed all three rounds for the position with Queensland Correctional Services and would like you to know that with your help E commences a 7 week training course next Tuesday.” –  MB

“OUR WORK PAID OFF! I have been given the job down at McLeod Street. I signed the letter of appointment on Friday afternoon. Thank you so much for all your help.” –  MP

“Just thought I would let you know that Nick has an interview tomorrow – he was pretty impressed with everything you had done for him (half his luck).” –  AE

“You have done an amazing job on the selection criteria. I know you’re in Cairns and I’m in Townsville and it’s a bit difficult but I chose you as a friend recently got the services of someone local and was not satisfied so I saw your ad and thought it sounded good, and I’m impressed….” –  MC

“Thanks a billion!! Just emailing you to thank you very much for your help with my selection criteria for the Natural Resources and Mines job. Your great effort has landed me the job that I was applying for and I will be starting it in the next week or so. It was a pleasure doing business with you, and I couldn’t have got the job without your help. Thanks again.” –  WC

“I have been successful with my progression application in DPI&F which is great news. Your support and guidance was most beneficial and it certainly made a difference and I am very grateful for your advice and guidance – thank you so very much. I will refer future applicants seeking similar support to you if that’s OK. Many thanks.” –  GM

“I have an interview tomorrow in Cairns with —— the managing director of —————- feeling pretty confident.  PS By the way she said it was an amazing resume and very well presented.  Big thanks again!!!!!” –  RN